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Another shower pan first.


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Another shower pan first.

  I have run into a shower pan recently to my amusement and utter amazement. While ripping out this pan ,I had discover that this particular pan was done by a tile contractor only 4 years ago . Not only did it leak but the pan liner went up ONLY 1 inch from the base of the pan. He did not remove the existing walls ( 3 tiles up) and didn't bother with the threshold. But here's the kicker. The tile hack went over an existing galvanized pan with a plywood sloped base that trapped mold between the existing sub-floor and plywood base. Also..I can see why the tile hack didn't want to bother with the threshold. Back in the day (1920s,30s) some craftsmen decide to use BRICK instead of 2x4s. What makes this difficult to remove is that the brick is adhered to the existing tile facade just outside the curb. This has happened to me twice before and both times I had removed the brick successfully w/o disturbing the outside tile. Case in point..It's a crying shame that these so called professionals can go out there and rip people off not knowing what they can expect when they tackle the unexpected. Leave it up to pro's such as myself to perform these feats with optimal results where the pan is mechanically sound and cosmetically beautiful. E-MAIL me at and I can send you pictures from beginning to final results  of this project.

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Stacey on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 11:12 AM
The above mentioned job was done at my house!! The professed "workman" was not a contractor. He claimed to love reworking old homes and tile work was his specialty. His brother is an expert house painter with high ethics. This person claims to have ADHD and has VERY low, nonexistent ethics. He thoroughly mismanaged repairing a leaky showerpan, and charged me $1,400. 3 years later the shower leaked again, then stopped leaking. I called him, he stated, "It's NOT the shower pan", said he would come by to check it out. He NEVER did return. 1 year later the shower leaked badly, like rain was falling in the room below. Fortunately Latch Tile recommended David Guisto, "The Shower Pan King", which is an appropriate handle! David took down the shower pan to the subfloor, explaining each step as he went along. A fascinating thing, by the way. The previous TOTAL FOOL who had "fixed" the shower pan had left the metallic pan in and worked over that. There was a huge layer of MOLD under the metal. Thoroughly grotesque and smelled of mold throughout the house once exposed. Dave completely redid the shower pan from the subfloor. He added a beautiful tile design, and replaced and resupported existing tiles in the shower stall. I have no fear of ANY LEAKAGE again, and it is a pleasure to have my shower functional!! I am more than pleased with the results and with David. He is thoroughly trustworthy and comes through with QUALITY. Thank you, SM S
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