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  Welcome to The SHOWER PAN KING website. For over 25 years The SHOWER PAN KING has been chosen as the premier shower pan repair company in the greater San Francisco Bay area. We are devoted to providing high-quality craftsmanship to residential homes and complete every phase of the project with the level of detail and excellence that I would use in my own home.

 Don't let a contractor tell you that you have to rip out the entire shower...

 when THE SHOWER PAN KING can salvage your vintage or modern shower with a guarantee. I will repair your leaking shower pan with excellence and beauty that will last for many, many years. 

  My expertise and experience have made The SHOWER PAN KING a household name that is synonymous with excellence and quality . A leaking shower pan can be a real problem especially if it goes undetected. You don't want it to get to the dry rot stage. A leaking shower pan is a isolated issue so again, don't not let a tile guy or contractor tell you that you have to rip out the entire shower.

  I provide a 5-year guarantee against any leaky shower pan done within the scope of my work. I'm not happy unless you are. Your unique pan will be saved.


Before and after image of a leaking 1927 unique vintage round shower pan.
Finish result of the vintage shower pan repair.

Before ​and after of a 1927 leaking shower pan in San Francisco.


 A before image of a 1931 leaking shower pan in San Francisco .
Finish result of a vintage shower pan repair with near matching colors.


A leaky shower pan built in 1929 before and after in San Francisco.

A leaking curb less linear drain shower done only 3 years prior to re-doing.
After proper waterproofing and testing here is the finish result of near matching tile and new wall to wall linear drain.

Converting a curb less leaking shower pan from a standard drain into a linear drain and new tile.


 Do you want a fantastic looking shower pan? We'll make it happen! Whether it is old or new.

 The SHOWER PAN KING's excellent reputation and a long list of satisfied clients can attest to my superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. Just ask for my client reference list or YELP reviews. I provide a detailed explanation of the anatomy of your shower pan. THE SHOWER PAN KING will cover a wide range of services that will enhance the value, appeal, and quality of your home from repairing a pan, re-doing a whole shower, adding a brand new tile to a new addition in your home, I can do it all. You'll be satisfied with the finished result! I am committed to getting the job done right the first time…done right every time!


You want it done right the first time? Then please call THE SHOWER PAN KING at...


1-800- 878- 7190

Office number 415-570-8200

Mobile number 408-439-2355


License # 695132


 THE SHOWER PAN KING services the following counties:

  San Francisco

  San Mateo


  Santa Clara

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