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Sub floor completely damged by dry rot.

Dry rot damage : Do not let it get to this point.

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  This was a shower pan project I tackled in Berkeley, CA. that  went undetected for maybe 20-30 years causing 80% of the wood framing to be compromised . Dry rot in the 3rd degree.

Major dry rot damage to shower pan structure.

 This was a shower pan project to where I was just going to do the neo-angled shower but ran into an unforeseen situation with the seat. The seat structure and adjacent lower studs were completely rotted and improvised by eliminating the seat altogether and creating more space and  a eye pleasing design .

Undetected dry rot for over 30 years.

 This was a project from a 1978 shower pan that had plywood as a subfloor base and the moisture migrated onto bottom plates and studs that create a structural re-do.

Dry rot damage that went undetected for 30 years.

  This was a shower pan project done in Burlingame , CA.  to where the dry rot affected 4 joist and  did dilapidating damage to subfloor curb and bottom plates.

  I completely restructured the base area . The leak had  gone undetected for maybe 20-30 years because the subfloor was plywood and absorbed so much water that it spread 3 feet outside of shower.

Plywood damage that migrated from outside a leaking shower pan.

This was a vintage 1948 shower pan in Oakland Hills to where after maybe 30 years of undetected leaking reached the point when the homeowner went underneath the house and saw wetness in the crawl space. I was so glad to tackle this project as this was dry in the 3rd degree.

Severe dry rot joist damage,

This is a 1936 shower pan repair in San Francisco where the subfloor was completely compromised.

Standard operating procedure.

Joist damage caused by worn out lead pan liner.
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